Take a self guided tour of The Tracy Memorial to learn more about the architecture and history of the magnificent building. 


Friends of the Tracy

Our mission is to work to enhance and preserve the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of the Village of Chatham for future generations.

With help from the public, Friends of the Tracy hope to contribute towards the repair of specific features of the Tracy Memorial and update its functionality and accessibility.

The historic Tracy Memorial, located in Chatham, New York. Read the history of the Tracy Memorial here.

We welcome anyone interested in helping with grant work, fundraising, event planning, communications, and much, much more to contact us.

We are also seeking financial donations to help support our projects and mission. Secure, tax deductible donations may be made online here, or mail your check made payable to "Friends of the Tracy" to Friends of the Tracy, PO Box 225, Chatham, NY 12307.

Friends of the Tracy is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established to promote the heritage of the Village of Chatham, New York.

Members of the Board include the following:

Michael Blasl, President

Steve Oberon, Vice President

Winnie Legere, Secretary

Lauren Kneller

Christopher Spencer

Robert J. Tremper

Rita Van Alstyne

Advisory Board members include:

Kirk Kneller
Rich Kraham
Lael Locke